It’s also about money!

With a few taps and clicks, a pirate can capture anything from his screen and share it to the world. Having pirates in your userbase is not your fault, it's simply a number game. Once you become popular enough, a pirate will find its way to your content, among the hundreds of loyal fans. Once your content has been pirated, it's harder for new fans who don't know you to find the motivation to pay for your content. If they can access it online for free, they won't have a reason to buy a membership. Over time this can turn into a real problem: If you don’t get fans who continually support your content, your income can vanish into thin air. Pirates don't just steal your valuable content, but they also take away what you deserve to make in the business.

The OnlyFans market

The top 1% of OnlyFans models earn 33% of all income generated by OnlyFans. The top 10% of OnlyFans creators earn 73% of all income OnlyFans generates. By focusing so much on social engagement, the other 90% of all content creators on OnlyFans earn just 27% of all income. So, there is a huge difference between the top earning creators and lesser-earning creatives. The top 10 earners earn about $19.2 million a month combined, which is just an estimate of what the best content creators are making. That is about 230 million dollars a year.

Income losses

We did some guesstimation on how much money would be earned if it weren’t for piracy. We took the amount of unique users replying to posts leaked on pirate communities, compared it to the original performers userbase and earning potentials and. We estimated that the loss in income caused by piracy for small content creators is around 5-10% of your income. The most affected content creators seems to be small independent creators who became just big enough to attract pirates and don't have huge channels to attract new subscribers. At leaksDOWN we take pride in removing infringing content quickly so that it can stop hurting your subscribers numbers as soon as possible.

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